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Accessing pre-release versions

2020-04-02 in Tips and tricks

So, either you're eager to try an app or want to help in the development process by giving feedbacks and contribute to the directions an app is going, there's a simple way to do so.


Testflight is Apple's official way to offer beta versions to users. It's completely free and you can access to early features before everybody else!


  1. Open the AppStore on your device and search for TestFlight.
  2. Download and install it.
  3. On the first launch, you will be prompt to login with your Apple ID. You can enter same the email address you used to login on the AppStore back in the days.
  4. Now that you're set, the developer has to add your email in their beta testers list. Just ask them to be added as a tester.
  5. Once added, you'll receive an email with a special link that will open TestFlight and offer to download the app.
  6. You're ready to test! The app is now on your home screen with an orange dot besides its name. The dot means it is installed from TestFlight.

Every time a new version is published, you will receive a notification from Testflight. You can then uptdate and access new features!

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