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Everything a session musician needs

Save time so you can perform more

Spend time where it matters

Have more time to rehearse by directly transcribing your charts digitally. Don't do the same job twice for every songs by going on paper first and then making it clean on a computer. Chordsheet maker is made to make it easily readable with a handwriting probably more clear than your own ;)

Live musicians playing

Paperless lead sheet transcription

Music Charts on the Go!

Note down scores that move the masses without moving yourself in search of papers, binders, notebooks, or laptops. Just grab your iPad and start transcribing digitally!

Music sheet, handwritten. Lead sheet or chord sheet.

Practicing Tool for Beginners, Pros and...Teachers!

Chordsheet maker is a must for musicians of every level as well as teachers too. Rehearse, improvise, create musical homeworks, teach about chord progressions, rhythms, or music symbols and more!

bassist in studio

Show preparation made easier

An app that lets you write music directly to your iPad. So you can focus on what matters the most!


Are you  a band leader, musical director or a session musician ?

In today's world, it is important to be up to date! Get the job done right with Chordsheet Maker’s amazing features

Triads from a touch

Enter chords in a single finger gesture. Be it a C#m or an A, a single tap allows you to enter it.

Alterations and Extensions

Specific keyboard layout simplifies entering extensions and alterations directly to your chords.

extension keyboard

Rhythms and punches

Specify rhythmic informations like breaks and punches wherever they are in the bar.


Easy Layout

Be it Jazz, Pop, Country or any other style, a chart has to be clear and concise. It's now easier than ever!


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Chordsheet Maker strikes the right chord with musicians all over!

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