Chordsheet Maker

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* an iPad with iOS 11+ is required to test the app

Everything a session musician needs

Save time so you can perform more

Have more time to rehearse by directly transcribing digital. Don't do the same job twice for every songs by going on paper first and then making it clean on a computer. Chordsheet maker is made to make it easily readable with a handwriting probably more clear than your own ;)

Live musicians playing

Created for real life situations

Ever decided to add a song in-between sets and a member didn't know it ? Forget doodling on a napkin and quickly create a basic chordsheet from your iPad and share it to the guys.

Music sheet, handwritten. Lead sheet or chord sheet.

Not a heavy notation software

Chordsheet maker doesn't aim to replace your regular notation software. It's for these moments when you just need structures and chords to keep all the band on the same page. You know, just the important stuff a session musician needs.

With its well thought design, you'll be able to transcribe directly on your iPad and send a pdf to the whole band so they can take their own notes and cues with their favorite app.

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