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Product roadmap

Product roadmap

Chordsheet Maker is still in active development and in continuous improvement and your input is always appreciated. Here are the features currently being developed and what's coming in the next versions.

Don't hesitate to comment down here on your favorite feature or for a special request.


  • Bug fixes
  • Stability improvement
  • Visual adaptation on different devices

Before official launch

  • Fixing long chords collision ✓
  • Multiple measure selection ✓
  • DS, Coda, etc ✓
  • Undo/Redo

After launch

  • Rythmic annotation
  • Text annotations
  • Transposition

Ideas not decided yet

  • Integrated audio player (load file from music)
  • Landscape display
  • Auditive feedback on chord entry
  • Cloud backup
  • "Degree" notation

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