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Chordsheet Maker - Lead sheet

Device: iPad iOS 11+ | Price: 4.99 USD
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Release: 15th of August 2020

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Dave Bernier [email protected] | +1 438-831-0105


Chordsheet Maker - Quick and clean chordsheets

Chordsheet Maker is the quickest and most efficient way to create a chordsheet directly from your iPad. Skip the paper and share it in PDF as soon as it’s done. No complex menus or navigation. All the necessary, offered in an ergonomic way.

Chordsheet Maker features

Triads from a touch

The focus of the tool is to make chordsheets. The app is then made to make it easy by entering chords in a single finger gesture. Be it a C#m or an A, a single tap allows you to enter it.

Alterations and extensions

Need to add some flavors to a chord? A specific keyboard layout allows you to enter extensions and alterations directly to it.

Easy layout

Layout is very important on a chordsheet. Chordsheet Maker makes it easy out of the box to have a clean layout with no efforts while transcribing your song.

Rhythmic informations

Add punches or breaks to save time to your musicians. Insert rhythmic informations where needed.


As an actively gigging musician himself, Dave Bernier lost count of how often he had to scribble or transcribe a song into a chord sheet. You know, just to get an overview of the structure and allow his peers and himself to take their own notes. The problem was that he got lazy and after transcribing it by hand, he just took a picture on his iPad and that was it.  Getting it clean and good looking on computer felt like doing the same job all over again. It felt like a waste of time; time that could be used to rehearse instead. He wanted a way to make clean  chord sheets quickly and send them to the band so they can do their “homework” (a.k.a. take some notes). A lot of googling for an app that would produce what he needed did not give substantial results. Every tools found were either heavy notation apps/software or a bit too basic and wouldn’t produce the needed results.

One day he had enough and thought: “Hey! I can code, why not making it myself?” There started this nice project! Chordsheet maker is the app Dave wanted for a long time: a way to quickly make well formatted chord sheets directly on his iPad and share them to his peers. So yeah, he needed it. Some other people might find a good use for it too…

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dave Bernier - [email protected] or +1 438-831-0105



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