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Dave Bernier My name is Dave Bernier and I am a guitarist from Montreal, Canada.  I play guitare since I'm 13 and was always a bit of a nerd. Music theory,  computers, video games, etc, where my favorite things growing up.

After graduating from college where I studied guitar perfomance and jazz arrangement, I pursued my education in Music at Université du Québec à Montréal in performance with Richard Ring and Mathieu Perreault.

Programming came a bit later where, after performing a whole year in the Middle East, I wanted a bit more stability in my life. That's the interest to get a degree in Computer Science got to me. This was a way to get back to my nerd side and was quite logical when I look back. 

That doesn't mean there's no more show though. I would be a very sad man if music was out of my life. I'm still touring and gigging around while working on different projects on the side. Chordsheet Maker is one of them (and actually one of my favorite). This is a one man project in which I put passion and energy.

Don't be a stranger, send me a email if you got any questions, related to the app or not :)

Take care!

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